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BADM 454: Marketing Research Guide: Home

A research guide for the BADM 454 course.

TOMCAT: Library Catalog


  • Click here to access the library catalog.
  • Find books, government documents and reference materials.   

Selected Books


Abstract Tips


  • Short! (200-300 words)
  • Focus on the main ideas of the paper:
    • Why? Why is this paper important to the reader?
    • Arguments & Support – draw on your research
    • Results & practical outcomes
    • Conclusions
  • When writing your paper-- use your abstract to guide you!
    • Your paper will support and develop the main ideas.  
  • When researching-- read the abstracts of articles you find & save time‚Äč!
    • Will this source be important to you as a researcher? Do you want to read it?  

Reference Librarian for Instruction

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Tressa Snyder
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Thiel College
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About this Guide

Guide created for BADM 454 Fall 2017 Semester, by Tressa Snyder